Thursday, October 7, 2010


In a meadow we can build a Snowmom and baby Frost. These prim Snowmom and baby set are made from Osnaburg painted and aged for that prim look. They are approx. 18" tall.

I hand stitched thier faces and added rusty bells on each head. I used linen thread on each face. Their clothes are made from homespun fabric and Snowmom's scarf is burgandy flannel. All clothes where aged to make each piece look tattered and worn.

This sweet pic is a close up of baby Frost.

This is a Snugglebug original and comes signed and dated by me Cathy Gray. This set is just $24.95 plus $5.00 shipping/handling. Thanks so much for stopping by, you are always welcome here.



What goes bump in the night? Wicked knows.

Wicked is a 25" tall pumpkin witch made from painted and stained muslin to make her look from ages of olde. Her jacket is made from stained Osnaburg with a burlap star hand stitched on with black thread. I hand stitched her face and painted her burlap nose black. All pieces on this doll where made to look old and tattered.

The broom Wicked is carrying has a stick handle with stained raffia and a wired star wrapped around for that prim look. Her legs are from sticks also. Aged cheese cloth drapes her body for a skirt. She is indeed.......Wicked!

Just $42.00 shipping/handling included